I am drawn to Latin America, its familiar landscapes and colorful characters. Raised in a family of political activists in Recife, Brazil, I witnessed history unfold in my own home during the military regime. As a TV journalist in the region, I travelled on foot with FARC guerrillas in the jungles of Colombia, traversed through notoriously impenetrable favelas (or shanties) in Rio de Janeiro, spent time with indigenous leaders,  land activists and biologists in some of the remotest areas of the Amazon. From presidents to laborers, CEOS to activists, from drug lords to celebrities, I have met some of the characters,  newsmakers and  catalysts making headlines in the region. Whether as a news editor or a reporter and producer in the field, I have helped generate original news stories from nearly every country in Latin America.


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  1. Thank you for covering what happened in Rio! It has been few days that this tragedy is happening and litlle or nothing is shown on International TV.
    I applaud your effort to get to Petropolis!
    By your eloquent English I could not tell if you are a Brasilien native or not. Are you?
    Anyway , THANKS YOU AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ! Please show Brazil to the Word!

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