I am drawn to Latin America, its familiar landscapes and colorful characters.

Raised  in a family of scientists, artists and political activists, there were no walls between the public and private world.  Living and witnessing history unfold during Brazil´s political and economic years of turmoil  helped fuel my mission  as a translator and news advocate for the region.

Educated in the United States, I was fortunate enough to embark on a career in journalism, setting out through Latin America to cover disasters, wars, inner-city violence in Brazil´s shanties and environmental changes.  In Colombia, I spent a considerable amount of time with FARC guerilla leaders and soldiers, the Colombian Military and humanitarian workers trying to heal the deep wounds of one of the world´s oldest civil conflicts.

But it isn´t just cultural identity that drives my passion for journalism. It is the human experience, what makes us alike.

I have reported from and on  news from several continents as a news wire reporter for Reuters and CNN.

Please take a look at my published articles, TV and radio reports on my website to have an idea of the wide range of issues I have covered.